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Life, the Yurt and Everything

It was a simple plan. Straightforward. Not foolproof mind you, but what good idea doesn’t allow for unforeseen circumstances? 
Maybe we could have guessed that among selling our house in Toronto, moving to another province, building a yurt and starting a new career a couple of things were bound to go awry. Fate did not disappoint. 
Up until the yurt went missing somewhere between British Columbia and Ontario we were only a week behind schedule. Not bad considering I’d never built my own house before, much less a round, canvas one in rural New Brunswick. 
Despite the upheaval, the strain of building a structure outside of local codes and sensibilities, we found a way to survive. The fact this new beginning would tax our relationships with family and friends was inevitable. But just as the yurt and the chaos of our lives was beginning to settle, our new life taking root, the biggest, most unexpected challenge was churning a path up the coast and straight toward the homestead: Hurricane Earl!



Finding Asia

Some of us know. Some of us don’t. Some of us have no idea. And for others it happens completely by accident. No matter the circumstance, crossing the threshold from mature adult to parent is daunting. Intimidating. 
But if you have doubts about your parenting pedigree – how do you start to answer those concerns? 
You go away. Far East away. VietNam. Thailand. You backpack for six weeks. Just the two of you. Without ever having attempted such an undertaking before. 
You’ll flail – doing the Bangkok Canal tour twice – and still miss seeing the famous floating market. 
You’ll fail – going against all sound travel advice and surrender your passport to a complete stranger. 
But will you survive? As individuals. As a couple. 
And most importantly will you conclusively answer the question of whether or not you’re ready to join the parenting fraternity.


Eco-Terrorists. Sabotage. Tanner's Sixth Grade summer vacation just got interesting.

Warren LeBlanc wants to challenge his son Tanner and his friends with a 'rite of passage' along the legendary River of Fire. But what Warren didn't bank on was sharing his cause with an illegal mining operation. When the boys conquer the first obstacle they discover their father’s have been kidnapped and labeled as Eco-Terrorists.

Should the boys alert the authorities or can they infiltrate the mining compound and expose the conspiracy for what it is? Tanner manages to rally his friends with the help of a special talent: A talent that sees him connecting to the power of the spiritual world and unleashing the energy within.